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ActivTrades - АктивТрейдс-клон София КЧТ

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ActivTrades is a financial markets broker specialising in trading Forex, CFDs 
and Futures.

Located in City of London’s financial district we are authorised and regulated 
by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and registered with its fellow 
national constituents across the European Union. 

ActivTrades offers a wide range of products. With the powerful and globally 
respected MetaTrader platform our clients have access to trading over forty 
currency pairs in the Forex market plus gold, silver, oil, indices and other 
commodities. We also offer Direct Market Access (DMA) to the world’s major 
futures exchanges with a choice of market leading platforms including J-
Trader, Strategy Runner, Ninja trader and Pro-Mark.

ActivTrades - АктивТрейдс-клон София КЧТ

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