Nemetschek - Немечек България

Немечек България е водеща софтуерна компания в Източна Европа, която предоставя високоефективни решения и услуги в областта на разработване, продажби и внедряване на софтуерни продукти, с фокус върху пазари като ЕС, САЩ и Близкия Изток.

Nemetschek Bulgaria is the Intelligent Choice of successful companies worldwide. We are close to 250 professionals, boosting our creativity while having fun together. It goes along with professional work and high recognition for over 15 years.

As a software company we like to think that our inspiration and masterpiece of work reach people from all over the world and even have an impact on their lives.

We invest skills, ideas and passion in every single thing we do, because this is how we like it.

Nemetschek - Немечек България

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