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22.12.2017 - 28.02.2018
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01. Always be on time. Or before time, if you wish.

02. Excuses are for kids. Avoid those.

03. Take responsibility and ownership instead. This is what adults do.

04. Remember there are no stupid questions. Ask. If you don’t get an answer, ask again.

05. Learn to listen. Critically and constructively.

06. If you notice something’s going to be late (or simply you’re not getting it), say so. Before the deadline hits you.

07. Do not wait for tasks if you are done with yours. There is always someone who can use your help. Or time.

08. Never ever say “That’s not my job!” We do not like those folks.

09. Always try to see the big picture. Find your place in order to find out how you can bring value.

10. Remember you are here to learn. Do not waste your time on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or simply on the phone. Ask. Learn. Do. Repeat.

P.S.: Oh, and yes, we make our coffee ourselves. You have more important things to do.


If you are a university student and feel you can manage this list, let us know. Impress us with a one-page CV and 250+ words essay on “Why Walltopia? Why you?”.

Note: As of now we are hiring interns in the following departments: Engineering. Please specify the department you have applied to.

Friendly advice: Do not copy. We know how to use Google too.

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