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Sirma Solutions

Sirma Solutions, part of Sirma Group Holding JSC, is a market leader in software development, IT consulting services and system integration. Founded in 1992, Sirma Solutions delivers complex and cutting-edge projects worldwide for clients from different business verticals. 

We believe that every individual has the right to feel comfortable at their workplace and to enjoy what they do. We offer our employees creative, professional, friendly and open-minded organizational culture, since we are convinced that it is the self-motivated, responsible and creative people that bring success to the company.

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11.04.2019 - 11.05.2019
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София, Варна, Русе, Казанлък

What we offer: 

• 6 months of full time paid training;
• Opportunity to become part of cutting-edge technology team of IT professionals.


• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering;
• You need to have good understanding of the basic programming concepts (data structures, OOP, Algorithms, etc.);
• Knowledge of one or more of the following is a must:
     o Java

     o C# .NET

     o Pythnon 

     o JavaScript

     o C++

• Knowledge of SQL (MySQL, Postgres SQL or other) is considered an advantage;
• Willingness to learn;
• Good communication skills;
• Good spoken and written Englis.

If you feel the challenge, please fill out the questionnaire and apply for the position. 


  • What programming languages have you studied so far (and where)?
  • Do you have any practical programming experience?
  • What is the programming language you are most familiar with?
  • Are there programming languages that you would prefer to work with? If yes, what are they and why do like them more?
  • Among the commonly used programming languages (Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.), is there any that you would rather not work with? If yes, why not?
  • Are you abble to work on a full-time job?

We will contact only the candidates selected for further consideration. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We thank all candidates for applying.

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  • Факултет по Електронна Техника и Технологии
  • Факултет по Компютърни Системи и Управление
  • Факултет Приложна Математика и Информатика
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Силвия Христова & jobs@sirma.b
+359882 885 642
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