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Martin Muligan Marketing Ltd

Martin Muligan Marketing Ltd

Martin Mullligan Marketing is a well established company in innovative, custom designed coding and barcoding printing solutions.

We develop coding solutions which assist our customers primarily in the food and beverages, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors improve their marketing engagement with the evolving expectations of consumers.

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28.07.2020 - 31.08.2020
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Martin Muligan Marketing Ltd is an expanding company and constantly looking for intelligent students. At Martin Muligan Marketing Ltd, we are specialized in bar coding equipment, consumable and related accessories such as barcode verifiers and rewind units. We are an international company with one office in St. Helens, England providing first class products and services.

The basic tasks in IT Department:

  • Network administration
  • Mobile computing (working with PDA’s, phone & laptops)
  • Data storage backup (infamous backup tape)
  • IT security
  • Troubleshooting and system support (solving user’s problems)
  • Training and induction (teaching the following IT guy & any staff member on various programs)
  • Software selection & support
  • Employees support
  • Remote support (Ireland offices)
  • Preparation of IT documentation
  • Service management system installation
  • IT strategy
  • Tools creation for employees

The candidates should be:

  • Serious and ambitious
  • Flexible in order to realise many tasks
  • Good in English language

This internship is available for 3 months minimum.

Besides, the candidates for IT Internship should have a good IT background.

Please send us your application to our e-mail address:

In addition, please understand that you will be responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodation and that you will not receive money for your work here. But there is a possibility to receive a Leonardo or Erasmus student grant.

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