Battle AI Programmer - Total War

Creative Assembly - Sofia

Creative Assembly - Sofia

Creative Assembly Sofia e студио за разработка на видеоигри, част от SEGA Europe Ltd.

През последните години студиото ни работи върху 3 от DLC-тата на Rome II: Empire Divided, Desert Kingdoms и Rise of the Republic, като през август 2020 година издадохме и първото си самостоятелно заглавие Total War Saga: TROY.
В момента ни предстоят нови и интересни проекти, както и много разнообразни позиции: програмиране със С++ (R&D Developers, Gameplay Developers, Battle AI Programmers, Audio programmers), Build Engineers, QA testers, Game Designers, Producers, Animators, 2D и 3D art.
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13.01.2021 - 14.02.2021
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If you want to work with C++, if you are into AI, data structures and algorithms and if you want to develop real-time strategy games - this is an excellent opportunity to join our growing team at Creative Assembly Sofia as an AI programmer.

Working with the team, you will look to produce efficient and effective AI solutions to the complex challenges presented by the Total War Campaign environment. You will be working with a varied team of programmers, designers and QA Technicians, collaborating to create leading-edge game AI that challenges our players and is fun and immersive to play against.



  • Competency in C++ programming, knowledge of more recent language features
  • Prior development experience
  • Ability to focus on work independently but also comfortable working in a collaborative environment
  • Being able to work well across teams and other disciplines
  • Good communication skills
  • Creative problem solving


  • Experience developing AI or related systems in games, research or other settings
  • Broad gaming experience and a sense for good game design
  • Experience in game development
  • An appreciation of games, and Creative Assembly titles, is an advantage


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We focus on our strengths and embrace our uniqueness, collaborating across teams and giving everyone the trust and respect to be masters of their craft.

We house many talented people from juniors to industry veterans who constantly challenge us and make sure we are striving for the best within our games and our studio life. That's led to multiple Best Place to Work Awards. We're still recruiting throughout COVID-19 and have adapted our on-boarding process to give you the best start at CA.

Creative Assembly is about the right people making the best games. If that sounds like you, join us.

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