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Стажантска програма "Step Into Your Future" на Nemetschek Bulgaria

Nemetschek - Немечек България

Nemetschek - Немечек България

Nemetschek Bulgaria is a creative lab for close to 300 professionals.

Here we create, we laugh, we collaborate. We invest our skills, knowledge and talent in developing software solutions and services that advance the present.

For 20 years we learned how to be proactive, how to be good at what we do and how to build trust in both – our people and our partners.

What we didn’t change is our family attitude.
We are geeks.

We are friends.

We are team.

We are those wizards who facilitate your life.


Looking forward to meeting other people with creative minds, enthusiasm, and vision to join us in employing ingenuity to develop what’s new, what’s next and what best serves our customers’ needs.


Innovate your future with us!


Валидност на обявата
17.03.2021 - 31.05.2021
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Ever wonder what it's like working in a leading IT company?

We invite you to try it out! Join our team of professionals to collaborate and gain priceless experience.

Nemetschek Bulgaria's Internship Program is particularly aimed at young and enthusiastic people who are willing to learn and improve their skills by experiencing a real working environment.

We will provide support, help you develop your assets and encourage you throughout your internship.

What to Expect

  • 3-6 month Internship - For you to see how we work and for us to get an idea of what you can contribute.
  • Social Benefits - The very same, enjoyed by company employees.
  • Financial Package - Yup, a very real monthly salary.
  • Permanent Employment - Upon successful internship completion, you'll join the Nemetschek Bulgaria team.

How it Works

  • Get Mentored - A mentor will help you throughout the way.
  • Experience Real Work - You'll experience a real work environment.
  • Go to Work, Go to the Uni - You'll get flexible working hours.
  • Become a Team Member - You'll work within an already established work team.

Here you can see the vacancies and apply: https://careers.nemetschek.bg/internship

How to Apply

  • Go through the list of currently available internship positions. Read carefully and choose one that really stirs your interest and looks like something you'd love to indulge in.
You've picked a position and are ready to apply - don't forget to attach a CV and a project.

To help us know you and your assets better, please think of some project (or better - projects) you've been working on (in school or at the Uni). Include those along with your CV when applying.

We're always happy to receive a heap of applications! (But please be patient)

And we go through each and every one of them. Mind you - this might take some time, so be patient. And, of course, only short-listed candidates will be contacted personally and invited for interviews.

We wish you luck!

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