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Стажантска програма "Първи стъпки в бизнес консултирането"

Лийн Институт България

Лийн Институт България

Lean Institute Bulgaria was established in 2016 and is part of Lean Global Network™ (LGN). LGN has its roots with James P. Womack and Daniel Jones, who first shared the lean concept and way of thinking to the world. The company's mission is to support the businesses in Bulgaria to successfully embark on a continuous improvement journey. We have a leading market role in applying lean thinking and practices to develop human resources and transform knowledge and actions into real results. We transform processes and deliver real results to our customers! By sharing our unique expertise we create long term partnerships with companies from different industries. Our training and consulting services include basic and advanced lean training, 6 sigma trainings and projects, lean improvement initiatives, coaching employees and leadership.

Валидност на обявата
30.03.2021 - 31.05.2021
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Getting bored quickly? Willing to constantly examine new industries and processes?

We are currently looking for a Summer Trainee to join our team with the option for long term contract at internship end.

As a trainee you will:

• Support consultants and senior consultants on projects within various industries (mostly Manufacturing, but also Services and IT)
• Develop consulting materials
• Lead small projects and initiatives
• Learn and share best practices from lean


What we expect:

• University student in Engineering or Business Administration with proven high academic achievements
• Experience and / or willingness to work on projects in the manufacturing industry
• Basic knowledge of Lean
• Ability to learn quickly and natural curiousity
• Analytical thinking
• Very good English knowledge, both spoken and written
• Very good MS Office knowledge
• Good organizational and communication skills

Why choose us?

• Work in a leading provider of lean training and consulting services
• Be part of a global team 
• Acquire knowledge from recognised experts in the area
• Possibility to learn on the job in various companies from manufacturing, services and IT
• Project-based work in highly skilled team

Подходяща за специалности
  • Факултет Автоматика
  • Електротехнически Факултет
  • Енергомашиностроителен Факултет
  • Машинно-Технологичен Факултет
  • Машиностроителен Факултет
  • Факултет по Електронна Техника и Технологии
  • Стопански Факултет
  • Факултет за Германско Инженерно Обучение и Промишлен Мениджмънт
  • Факултет за Английско Инженерно Обучение
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Маргарита Страшилова
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