Роберт Бош ЕООД

Роберт Бош ЕООД

Група Бош е в България от 1993 г. и има 220 служители и 3 дружества – Роберт Бош ЕООД, БСХ Домакински уреди България ЕООД и Бош Софтуер Иновейшънс ЕООД. През 2018 г. Групата реализира оборот в България на стойност 104 млн. евро. Централата на Бош е в София, където се помещават направленията Автомобилно оборудване, Електроинструменти, Термотехника и Сградни технологии (преди: Системи за сигурност). В София е позиционирано и дружеството БСХ Домакински уреди България ЕООД, което е активен участник на пазара за домакински уреди.

През 2015 г. присъствието на Бош в България бе значително разширено чрез придобиването на софтуерната компания ProSyst, която междувременно се сля изцяло с Bosch Software Innovations.

През 2019 година Бош откри Инженеринг Център в София, където близо 200 софтуерни специалисти разработват иновативни технологии за автомобилната индустрия в области като системи за помощ на водача, автоматизирано шофиране и електромобилност.

Бош в България е част от Група Бош, водещ световен доставчик на технологии и услуги. Стратегическата цел на Група Бош е да предоставя „техника за живота" за днешния свързан свят. Продуктите и услугите на Бош са създадени да вдъхновяват потребителя и да подобряват качеството на живот, като предлагат иновативни и ефективни решения.

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19.05.2021 - 31.07.2021
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Welcome to a place where your ideas lead to something big. Welcome to Bosch.

Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services for the automotive industry.

Bosch Engineering Center Sofia is founded in 2019 as an integral part of Bosch worldwide engineering network. Today, in the Engineering Center in Sofia nearly 400 talented software and hardware professionals develop innovative technologies for the automotive industry in areas such as driving assistance, automated driving, AI and electric mobility.

Our mission is to contribute to safer mobility through software technologies, with care for the environment and society.

Start something big and become a part of forward thinkers where you can create something remarkable!

Job Description

Now you can join our team of highly experienced professionals and develop your skills in remarkable areas like Automated & Autonomous driving, Electrical Vehicles, Connected Mobility and many more unexplored software innovations. You have the opportunity to take off your career in a company whose engineers are shaping the “new era of mobility” which is sustainable, safe and exciting. Moreover, depending on your skills and knowledge, you would be able to put into practice what you have learned at university and develop professionally in field like:

  • Embedded C programming

Last but not least, you will acquire top key competences and know-how in the Automotive Software Industry like:

  • ASPICE standard, V-model software development process, Scaled Agile for Enterprise development methodology
  • AUTOSAR architecture
  • Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay
  • Vector toolchain technologies
  • ADAS systems, Instrument clusters, Smart displays, Vehicle computers, Fusion systems, Ebike, Cameras & Computer vision, Automated parking systems and others


  • Graduated or studying in Computer science/ Software engineering/ Informatics
  • High school diploma in Informatics/Mathematics or relevant
  • Essential programming skills and understanding of C
  • Basic knowledge of software algorithms and data structures
  • Willingness to pursue a software engineering career in the automotive industry
  • Strong motivation and enthusiasm for professional development
  • Excellent logical thinking and problem solving approach
  • Quick learner with a positive mindset and excellent cooperation skills
  • Good level of English
  • Working experience with any programming languages would be a considered advantage
  • Driving license is a plus

Please include in your application your professional interest and motivation as well as if you have any personal/side projects that you are happy to share with us!

Additional Information

The personal data you provide to us is processed by Robert Bosch EOOD within your application in the recruiting process. Your personal data is shared exclusively and only to employees of the Bosch Group and the candidate data retention period is 6 months. You have the right to obtain information about the processing of your personal data. In addition, you have the right to correct, to block and to delete it in accordance to the legal regulations. To enforce your rights, you only need to contact us. Remark: If you request to block or to delete your data, your application can no longer be considered.

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  • Факултет по Компютърни Системи и Управление
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