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Телехаус АД

Телехаус АД

Телехаус АД предлага пълната гама услуги за пренос на данни и Интернет за оператори и фирми.

Компанията работи предимно в България с управление в София. Главния технически център е разположен в Международния колокейшън център Телепоинт, сертифициран по ISO:9001 и единствения в страната сертифициран по ISO:27001 (Security).  

Телехаус разполага с най-съвременната апарaтура измежду националните оператори в България и е предпочитаният интегратор на комуникационна свързаност сред компаниите от групата на БТТ

Телехаус притежава сетрификат за Система за управление на качеството по ISO:9001.

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22.11.2021 - 22.12.2021
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 For more than 15 years, Telehouse AD has been a well-known internet and networking services provider for large-scale enterprise needs and ISPs. 

 Now, under Telehouse Brand, a team of professional and experienced engineers and seniors with a deep understanding of computer science create a new one; a different managed service provider called Telehouse.SOLUTIONS


 Telehouse.SOLUTIONS admins team is built, run, and operate by a special-force division of senior system and network administrators… and now we are looking for SysAdmins to extend our force and help our daily operations


 So, if YOU are looking to find your place within our special forces and become a real senior, do not hesitate to submit your application. 

Part of your responsibilities will be:

  • Building and maintaining in-house  servers and network systems as well as client production systems;
  • Support and manage Virtual Clusters, Virtual Infrastructures;
  • Apply security patches and best practices across servers and networking nodes as well as security audits;
  • Managing High-Available clusters following best practices in servers configurations for availability and reliability;
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and support networking and server’s services;
  • Working mostly OSS, but also with various enterprise systems.
  • Perform corrective and preventative maintenance and manage escalations.
  • On-duty weekly or bi-weekly shifts


Our offer:

  • Flexible working locations ( office and home-office );
  • Work with highly professional co-workers;
  • On highly up to date solutions and service on-top of professional services;
  • Attractive salary, Sports Cards, and more...;
  • Team training, activities, and team buildings.



 If you are not sure about this, try it, it may be your perfect fit. Do not let life chances get dropped.


What’s required?

  • 3+ years of experience in Linux servers system and network administration.
  • Knowledge of both Linux OS distros: Debian and RedHat/Fedora.
  • Shell Scripting, at least bash.
  • Hands-on experience of network troubleshooting.
  • Basic knowledge in Windows Servers OS ( Seniority is a plus ).
  • Basic knowledge in Virtualization technologies, hypervisors VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V.
  • Hands-on experience in server administration and troubleshooting.
  • Experience with most common Server’s Services like MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Apache Web Server, Postfix, Dovecot.
  • Good enough English verbal and written communication skills. 


    What’s not required but considered as an Advantage:

  • Experience with international customers;
  • Any programming language experience ( can be scripting languages like python(or Perl) );
  • Working experience and  knowledge with Linux Containers and/or FreeBSD Jails;
  • Experience with DevOps tools and today’s services software stacks;
  • Experience with server hardware troubleshooting;
  • Any other experience in the field may be considered an advantage.
Подходяща за специалности
  • Факултет по Електронна Техника и Технологии
  • Факултет по Компютърни Системи и Управление
  • Факултет Приложна Математика и Информатика
  • Факултет за Германско Инженерно Обучение и Промишлен Мениджмънт
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