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26.11.2021 - 31.12.2021
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The ecosystem of progressive schools has been growing over the last 6 years as a result of the public initiative Dialogue for the Future. The main goal of the initiative was to define the new requirements for social, cultural and economic competence for educating young people for their future in the 21st century - with all its challenges and opportunities. We are creating progressive schools to meet these new requirements. We develop them as learning communities that follow the natural growth of the child, appreciate the uniqueness of each and guide the process of active learning and exploration of the world. For us, constructive research training and purposeful learning are two sides of the same yin-yang process, which nurtures natural curiosity and develops practical fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes for growth. International Baccalaureate, Montessori Principles and Methods, JUMP Math, Responsive Classroom and Let's Think are some of the established global systems and practices that we integrate to develop our own educational model.

We intertwine disciplinary and inquiry-based training with the development of universal (meta-) competencies for effective:

- thinking, learning and creativity
- relationships and personal development
- communication and dialogue
- planning and implementation
- health and well-being
- active citizenship and multiculturalism
- practical philosophy

We believe that every child can be the best and every teacher can be the best!


As part of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), which is implemented at Progressive School 1 in Sofia, Design challenges all students to:
- apply skills for practical and creative thinking to solve design problems,
- explores the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts,
- take into account their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action.

MYP Design focuses on the overall design process, not on the final products and solutions. It uses the design cycle as a way to structure:
- research and analysis of the project problems
- development and creation of feasible solutions
- testing and evaluation of students' models, prototypes, products or systems.

This is a great way for children to learn about the world by thinking about problems and constructing their solutions, while learning rich, practical English in a natural way.




We are looking for a person who lives to design and create ingenious things and loves to work with children. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, combined with artistic creativity and good design practices, so that children can dream, plan and create their own inventions. Individually and in teams. It is also a matter of learning how to properly plan activities and resources, take responsibility and be free to create. Everything in English. Not as language learning, but as a way to naturally acquire complex means of expression and communication.

Therefore, you must be fluent in English as well as STEAM. Teaching experience would be an advantage. Regular measurement of attitudes and competencies will provide evidence of the added value of the program, as well as feedback to optimize quantum practices. It is very important to understand your role as a coach, not a teacher. Children need to be provided with creative space and resources, directed to do what they find interesting, and given the right feedback. There are no right / wrong answers. Mostly questions for reflection, answers, invented and tested. Of course, when new knowledge and skills are needed, they must be provided in a clear and understandable way that leads to real application.

This is an hourly position at Progressive Primary School 1 in Sofia (Strelbishte district).


Please send a cover letter along with your CV!

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