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Creative Assembly - Sofia

Creative Assembly - Sofia

Creative Assembly Sofia e студио за разработка на видеоигри, част от SEGA Europe Ltd.

През последните години студиото ни работи върху 3 от DLC-тата на Rome II: Empire Divided, Desert Kingdoms и Rise of the Republic, като през август 2020 година издадохме и първото си самостоятелно заглавие Total War Saga: TROY.
В момента ни предстоят нови и интересни проекти, както и много разнообразни позиции: програмиране със С++ (R&D Developers, Gameplay Developers, Battle AI Programmers, Audio programmers), Build Engineers, QA testers, Game Designers, Producers, Animators, 2D и 3D art.
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12.04.2022 - 30.06.2022
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Company Overview 

SEGA Studio Operations Sofia is dedicated to serving SEGA’s Development teams in providing quality, timely, and effective QA services. The Centre is based in Business Park Sofia, nearby Mladost 4 district.

We assist all studios with publishing QA and validation functions. We support the needs of the development studios and make the creative vision become a reality.

Position Overview 

SEGA Sofia’s Development Services team is looking for bright and motivated people to join us as Functionality Testers (or Games Testers as they’re more commonly known). This position is an excellent opportunity for people wanting to start a career in an industry that is fast-paced, dynamic and above all fun!

Getting the chance to work on different titles before launch, you’ll be responsible for testing the game to ensure it plays as the developers intended it to and that it is free from any bugs and well balanced.

Temporary contract for 6 up to 12 months. 40 hours per week.

Please note that we are unable to offer visa assistance and all applicants must have full eligibility to work in Bulgaria to be considered for this opportunity.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Follow a test script (test cases) in a thorough and consistent manner
  • Write and use test scripts (manual test cases)
  • Find bugs and identify the severity and risk to the business
  • Execute exploratory and destructive testing
  • Enter professional, clear, accurate and complete bug descriptions
  • Follow instructions accurately and in a timely manner
  • Honestly and effectively communicate important issues and actively work with colleagues when needed
  • Assist with coordination of group-based testing

Knowledge, Skills and Experience: 

  • Experienced games player able to familiarize with game-play elements rapidly
  • Experience playing different video game genres like Tycoons; Management Simulations; First Person Shooters; Strategies – Tactical, 4X; cRPG and other genres. SEGA titles experience would be nice to have (Two Point Hospital, Company of Heroes, Humankind etc.)
  • Different game platforms experience would be nice to have (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.)
  • Work proficiency in English, both spoken and written. You’ll be required to communicate in English with your peers across the world.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for the role and the company
  • A keen eye for details and critical thinking
  • Working experience with bug databases systems (Jira for example) would be nice to have
  • High standards of work and willingness to meet and exceed expectations
  • Adaptability and willingness to improve processes and own development
  • Proactively help and assist colleagues and maintain a 'can-do' attitude when under pressure
  • Clear and concise communicator both written and verbally
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work unsupervised and maintain focus and commitment
  • Maintain an adaptable approach to testing
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  • Факултет по Компютърни Системи и Управление
  • Факултет Приложна Математика и Информатика
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