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Fadata Group

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18.05.2022 - 30.06.2022
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Fadata is expanding its business to become a cloud-native multi-tenancy platform offering a SaaS solution for our customers. In this adventure, we are looking for talents willing to learn the methodologies and tools used to operate enterprise software on cloud environment.
What technologies will learn and get in touch with? You will get to know Microsoft Azure and how to manage it via Infrastructure as a Code using Ansible. Climbing the technology stack up, you will learn a little bit of Oracle Database and Oracle's WebLogic application framework. You will get the chance to understand how the Configuration Management tool Ansible is utilized in practice for configuring the Oracle products.

  • Project tasks:
    • Study, experiment and practice with Terraform code for managing MS Azure cloud resources and document the results.
    • Study, experiment and practice with Ansible code for managing Oracle products and document the results.
  • Practical day-to-day tasks:
    • Granting access to different components of the solution.
    • Collect debug logs from the system to support problem-solving. 
    • Troubleshoot various issues around the solution and support developers in fixing bugs. 
    • Perform standard changes such as trivial deployments, changing user settings and others. 
    • Keep reported cases up-to-date and collaborate with involved parties for driving cases towards solutions. 
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