Постоянна работа @U.S. Embassy, Sofia в Електротехника и електротехнологии Работа по имейл
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Подробности за работата

  • ID на работа 24514
  • Опит 3 години
  • Квалификации Бакалавърска степен

Описание на работата

Open until June 24, 2024

Salary: BGN 28,259 per year (gross)

The position performs skilled maintenance and repair work at the journeyman electrician level, to International Building Code standards, throughout all Embassy facilities. Work assignments include installation and repair of electrical hardware, associated peripherals components, circuit configuration, optimization of equipment performance through preventive maintenance, electrical power distribution systems, power and lighting panels, and any other item that has an electrical connection.


Completion of secondary school with vocational training program for journeyman level certification in the electrical field for Bulgaria is required. The Incumbent will have completed courses of study covering the principles of AC and DC circuitry, power distribution, control wiring, circuit ampacity and safe wiring practices for office and residential buildings, use of diagnostic equipment and electrical meters, and commercial wiring standards including power generation and distribution.


A minimum of three (3) years (full-time equivalent) of journey-level experience in the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, power generation and electrical distribution systems, grounding, and control circuitry.

LANGUAGE (This may be tested)

English and Bulgarian: Good working knowledge (reading/speaking/writing)


  • Installing circuits and electrical apparatuses, diagnose electrical problems in circuitry, make repairs that meet or exceed the standards of the International Building Code, and what constitutes proper preventive maintenance.
  • Use diagnostic equipment and be able to analyze readings to determine what and where the electrical problem is located.
  • Use safety equipment when working near energized equipment and parts.
  • Read and interpret construction and as-built drawings, schematics, manufacturers shop drawings, and performance curve chart sand graphs.
  • Thorough knowledge of ohms law and how to apply its formulas to circuit analysis.
  • Very good technical understanding of major building electrical systems, switchgear, panelboards, lighting and power outlets, equipment, and control wiring.
  • Knowledge of reading technical documents, interpreting maintenance plans and technical literature is required and highly emphasized.
  • A valid Bulgarian driver’s license (category B) is required. Must have had the driving license for at least 5 years.


  • Superior skills and abilities in the following areas: diagnosing and repairing electrical power generating and distribution systems, lighting and power branch circuit systems and components, and taking equipment readings with various meters. Must be skilled and comfortable using hand tools, power tools, and specialty tools to determine appropriate repairs.
  • Use tools of the trade in order to install, troubleshoot and repair building electrical systems, and work with the mechanical technicians when repairs or replacement of control circuits, wiring, and associated devices needs to be performed.
  • Substantial skill in comprehending engineering reports, specifications, and related materials in English.
  • Analytical mind to take cause and affect problems and diagnose the root cause creating the deficiency in the operating system or equipment.
  • Responding to emergency situations in an efficient and timely manner to effect immediate repairs; work in various adverse conditions such as tight or enclosed spaces, heights, and temperature extremes, indoors or outdoors to complete work assignments; communicate orally and in writing with co-workers, contractors and vendors and supervisors.

For more information about the position and how to apply, please visit the attached link.

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